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Snowfall and a time to re-focus!

Nothing beats the peacefulness of a snowfall.  Something about the silence of the flakes falling and the bright white covering can bring a calm to me as I sit and watch.

(View from my place)
(Another view from my place)
 Take a few steps out by the road though and the peace turns to turmoil. Cars spinning, people frustrated, quickly a completely different scene. 

It's kind of like life.  God gives us moments of rest to enjoy the peace and beauty of what He is doing. The purity of His peace and love. The purity of His comfort. As we venture out in our world, there is an automatic battle.  Our tires are spinning, we are having a tough time climbing a hill, or we slide out of control causing us fear and panic. It's a war out there!  So how do we put the peace of God into the roads we have to travel that have discord, fear, panic, uphill challenges and discomfort everywhere around us?

Refocus.  I don't know about you, but for me sometimes it's hard for me to believe, but God…

Natalie and Jordan's engagement!!!!

It happened on a rainy Christmas eve, 2010 about 8:40ish pm....the proposal.  Carefully planned...not too surprising was Jordan's proposal.  He had called me earlier during the week and told me of his scheme to propose on Christmas eve after finishing up his evening here and then traveling down to his dad and step-mom's home in Enumclaw.  I completely approve!  He's transparent and adores my daughter, but most of all he loves His Lord!

I knew he was the one for my daughter once I met him.  Their story is a "God thing".

Natalie, (my daughter 24 yrs old) had been working at a home pre-school daycare.  One day she arrived in her regular daycare casual apparrel and her boss noticed that there was a gas company working outside in the neighborhood.  She told Natalie that there was a cute guy working and that she should go make herself seen and known. So Natalie went out to her bosses car, rumaging around in the vehicle and walked back into the daycare.  Her boss said,…

Christmas week Updates!

Here it is...Christmas week. Time flies!

As I ponder the year, I look back at the time I have not made the best use of my time....aka worry.  Why can't I just lay things down on the altar and leave them there?  Yeah, they crawl off, I put them back on.  Sometimes, I have been known to sneak them off of the altar, (as if God can't see)...hah!  Eventually, I place them back on.  It gets easier and easier to let go...but I think I have been in the realm of being classified as a "professional worrier".  It's so old to behave this way.  UGH!  I am sure none of you can relate!

This year has brought me so much growth though.  Taking the time to honor God by becoming the best of me. I have taken time away from things that would draw me into conflict or distract me in any way shape or form from the will of God.  I have taken time to adequately care for myself, body, soul and spirit.   He deserves my best.

Quality Performance and Awesome Support
This last weekend, I had th…

Christmas in my home in the store and online!

Christmas is a great time to decorate for me.  I love it!  Natalie has her beau this year, so that required a new burlap stocking with a "J" on it for "Jordan".

I decided to place my Christmas tree in the dining room this year.  First time ever.  Why?  The view from outside.  So here it is in all of it's vintage glory....
and yet some pictures of the vintage ornaments.....

"The Spare Room" on Hewitt in Everett This weekend, I have got to get some items ready for "The Spare Room". I've been slacking lately and just goofing off. Every now and then, I just have to do that, but now it's back to buckling down.  Speaking of "The Spare Room" .....they have launched a new website. My booth number is #77.  Come by and see both stores...there's some incredible antiques and vintage items!

I have purchased some side tables to paint up and distress.... I have my…

Distressed....(not in spirit)

Just added this the "The Spare Room" in Everett yesterday.
                                         Classic black.  Becoming a good friend of mine!

Looking forward to hosting a mystery dinner party this weekend, "Pizza, Pasta and Politics". Several "politicians" have agreed to show up; Sarah Palfan, Ronald and Nancy Rogaine, George and Laura Shrub, Maria Cantvotevery Well, Al Gorgeous , Diane Sawher and Nancy Pillpopski. It appears Pepi Razzi was murdered.  He was always taking pictures of them and was found dead behind the bushes at Everett's "Martha's Vineyard". Whodunit?  We shall see!

Christmas Season 2010: Reflections....

This year has been filled with surprises of many sorts:
1. Natalie met an amazing man, (Jordan) that I adore.  God's planning had to have been perfect in this as he has the same type of humor that we enjoy....a little off kilter. I also like how they bring out the best in one another.

2. I have spent the entire year taking care of "Sue".  This is NOT the same thing as being selfish, rather it is caring enough about my relationship with my savior that I have honored myself in many ways; eating right, working out, pulling back from over-commitment and having healthy relationships. Somehow, I had gotten a few of these things so confused throughout the years.
Take for instance, relationships...I had thought I had established good boundaries in my life, but instead they were often times weak, (I made excuses for those in my life that were not honoring to me) and sometimes I created walls when I was afraid.  My Lord was faithful to show me..."Do you not believe that yo…

Holiday Happenings!

So glad the weekend is here! Busy time of the year for Boeing as they close out projects for the end of the year activities. It's also a busy time of the year for "The Spare Room" in Everett as the season has shifted to Christmas buying.

I want to bring up a prayer request for some dear friends of mine who are really suffering right now... please pray for the Kraft family...precious people who have a steadfast faith as they raise a child who has had a transplant.  Please drop by their site and give support. They are tremendous people of faith....they don't demand an explanation from God on why they have had this ongoing challenge, but rather they simply trust.  I am so proud of this young couple who have shown the Lord's grace so well in the midst of suffering. Here's the blog:

Besides meeting up with some friends and getting some tasks done around the house, I will be…

More mystery pics.....

Just got the mystery pics back...boy did we have fun!  Thank you to Tana and Matt for being such gracious and fabulous hosts!
This was prior to the Mystery Dinner... Here I was getting into character as "Tira Misu"
Here's the other characters!
I'm sad here, because they blamed ME for everything and I didn't do it.  The guy next to me did....

The Holidays....

Hi there....its been awhile since I have updated....
I've been busy trying to make enough product to get down to "The Spare Room" in Everett for Christmas. Somehow, I got this idea this year that I wanted to create vintage candy cane items for Christmas decor.   I have small  cane ornaments to place on a tree and large canes to put next to a tree or as a pillow on a couch, etc.   Here's a pic next to my fireplace.
Then I have gone to town making lamb, heart, flag, coffee, tree vintage ornaments.

Come down this weekend to "The Spare Room" and check out other items as well as the incredible store located right next to Comcast arena.

Enjoy the holidays and treasure all that God has given you! 

Blessings, Sue

Mystery Weekend and Sales!

Two more black dressers sold this weekend while I was away at Nob Hill Bed and Breakfast in St. Helens....did I mention that my daughter and the owner's son are dating?  Yep!  And I really like their son! Aren't they cute?

Here are a few pics for the fall weekend that was a lot of fun!  I am also glad I made some sales while away!  So I have now re-stocked "The Spare Room" and back to finishing up a major project at Boeing.  Whooohooo!

and my mysterious character....Tara Misu...who was a very questionable girl....
A friend of mine, Sharon, was Mama Rosa....
So off to work again.... the computer is calling me to do some real work....then I'll pick up a paint brush and off to Zumba.   Buh bye!

Re-arranging at The Spare Room

I added some new items, (mostly primitive) and re-arranged my space at The Spare Room....

Here's some newbies....

Old sheep cupboard
New Side table and dresser

Always have to have the pink and white for the girls (young and old)
Prim table runner hanging over shelves

And a primitive corner

and the grey blue door and dresser with other items....
Items you'd like to see?  Place a comment below and give me colors, items that you'd like to see!

Zumba Weekend!

Haven't worked out this hard since high school track!  The Hickory Girls from North Carolina came and led a Flash Mob at the north outlet mall then came down and led a two hour INTENSE Zumba class.   Oh my.....

Upon coming home, my cat ran away from me after taking one whiff of me. Everything hurts... I think my eyelashes are even sore!!!!

 Here's one of the many workouts we did...., those ladies have energy....

I was able to see an instructor I think is fabulous at this event tonight...Roberto.  He's moving away to the east side of the state.

Tomorrow they lead off for another round of workouts and a fund raiser for the NW Sarcoma Foundation. Houseblend Productions donated this table runner and 6 placemats for the raffle which will feature many items.

If you haven't tried Zumba I highly recommend it! It's not only fun, but a great cardio workout!

Snuggling into fall.....

The fall has always been one of my favorite seasons.  I love the crisp air and coming home and snuggling into a warm bed after a long day.

 Hope you are enjoying the season as well.

Here are some chairs that I did a while back that I am looking forward to selling.  I've got this thing for old furniture and can't resist a chair with good bones.

Black background Whimsy chair
                                                          Soft blue chair

Lots of black furniture!

I've been down to my little shop this week to restock some primitive items. The little black desk, black side table, white side table, pumpkin painted old screen, primitive tray and some shabby pink and white items have sold.  

So I have now replaced them with this coffee table:
and these black shelves.....
and another primitive tray:

and these trays...
This weekend I will be finishing up more items to take down on Sunday.  Black and white seem to sell for me.  Can't wait to get started....but have to tend to my "real" job! Looking forward to a fun weekend!