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Welcome Christmas!

The season is upon us and I am grateful for a wonderful time with family at Thanksgiving and for all the blessings that come with family time. For many of us family time can be so challenging during the season due to strained relationships. I know the pain so well. I won't go into details here but God is faithful no matter what. Here's some Thanksgiving pictures of my lil' grandson....

He's such a little love!

I got my tree up and ready for the rest of the holidays:

Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas season!

Christmas sale: 10% off! Large chair regular price: 115.95. Chair with back regular price: 79.95

Puget Sound area Christmas shows

I just finished a couple of Christmas shows in the Puget Sound area....boy am I tired. I am ready to get family Christmas activities together as we enter into this lovely season.

For the beautiful woman I met that wanted a is the plaque you asked about:

Feel free to contact me for special orders by emailing me:

Tacoma: Holiday Food and Gift Festival prep and Josiah

I am truly blessed to have an incredible daughter, son-in-law and grandson who will be 4 months old this month.

What? Show pictures of the bet.....

He's the cutest boy EVER!

Here is what you can expect October 22-26 at the Tacoma Dome......

Come join us....there is so much more!

Getting ready for Christmas shows

The nice weather is providing me with stellar opportunities to paint the furniture that Manuel Cordova is building for me.

Here are some pieces in work:

Then add this table re-do that I am finalizing:

Put these dates on your calendars and come by and see me at these shows:
Tacoma Holiday and Gift Festival October 22-26
Christmas in Seattle November 14-16

August updates!

What great summer weather we are having, yet most of my time is studying indoors! I am getting some time with my new two month old grandson who has completely captured my heart. Josiah is so stinkin' cute! I am pretty happy getting ready for Christmas shows at the Tacoma dome and at Seattle Convention Center as well. There will be lots of benches, birds, owls and French decor. Here's a preview.... For more information about the show go here: These shows should be great. Hope to see you all there.... I will keep updating for previews of what House Blend will have!

Josiah is here!

It's June 10th 5:56 am and I get a text from Jordan McLean...."Natalie is in labor. Come on up when you can. I will come out when she's done." So I arrived at the birthing center in Kirkland at 7:30 am. I had to get on my computer and make sure everything was taken care of at work. Natalie was two weeks early which was no shock to me. Poor thing was looking like she was 90% baby! I called my mom first thing in the morning. She wept. I called her on the way up to the hospital again. I was a nervous wreck. This was it...the moment we had waited for. Another miracle coming. A child... a wonderful miraculous creation. My offspring! There was a family there that also had a baby come two weeks early. Susan, (one of the grandmother's) showed me the ropes around the center as this was her 5th grand-baby. Jesse and Val showed up about 9 am I suppose and then Natalie's step mom Yvonne showed up around 10 am. We all took turns listening in at the door. Then the time…