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Christmas 2013 and New Years 2014

It's time to say goodbye to 2013. The changes from mid-August and fall ended up bringing so many wonderful things into my life.

I changed to a new job at Boeing. I moved to a location with a great group of people. Love it!  Awesome boss too! I bought an awesome home and moved in just in time to host Christmas for everyone! I'm going to be a grandma!'s true.  I am pretty darn excited! Then I moved my business forward a bit by starting to do some shows again.

It was so fun to have guests over and to enjoy my new home.  Now I am completing the chore of putting everything away in the 4 bedroom home.

 This is Sandy Harvey that my friend Teri and I visited at El Gaucho's in Tacoma
 Parents on Christmas day
More of my new home....backyard
Me on the day I signed my home ownership papers! I hope all of you have an awesome New Year.  Open your heart to the Lord this year as He has great things for YOU!!!!

Christmas in Seattle and upcoming projects!

Christmas in Seattle went well overall. The last day was the most stressful as we were exhausted and tearing down was a huge endeavor.  A 20 x 10 foot booth was packed to the rafters. I wanted to give shoppers the ability to look with delight everywhere in our booth. I loved the comments and the Christmas joy in people's eyes.   Here are pictures we took just after set up:

I sold out of all the bird ornaments!  The canvases were also a hit. Furniture was difficult to sell there because most didn't come prepared to take a large piece home. I did sell the dresser just above. I was secretly hoping that I could keep it for my new home that I purchased and will be in next month!  I want to a HUGE thank you to those that volunteered to work or set up. What a selfless thing to do and such a blessing to me!  Natalie McLean, (the best daughter one could have) worked her fanny off!  Then there was Lynn Aldrich and Dawn Edwards. May the Lord bless you all for stepping up and going the ex…

Lovely things!

I am getting ready to do a large show in Seattle at the Seattle Convention Center on November 8-10, 2013.  I will bring my shabby chic, French and nautical styles to the show. I am including these pictures below because I think they are absolutely lovely and quite my style! A lot of the items below are similar to what I have or do.  Please come join "Christmas in Seattle" 9 am to 6 PM on the dates listed above.  Hope to see you there!

Add some turquoise and you have my upcoming booth view.
And stockings....lots of stockings.

Beautiful things...

Ever taken the time to write 3 awesome things that have happened each day? Well, I am on a journey to do just that. As I am doing it, the little things seem to make my day. The guy in the car ahead of me at Starbucks who didn't know I was having a bad day paid for my drink, the neighbor who didn't know I really wanted flowers and yet brought me two roses from her garden. These are simple things, but they are beautiful.

Perhaps that's why I like to go searching for beautiful vintage, repurposed or distressed items. Here are some of my new finds:

I encourage you to focus on the beautiful things in life!  Maybe it's a cute face like this:
Care to share your beautiful finds?

New changes

Ever have those seasons in your life where everything is changing all at once?  I am in that season now.  It can be a surprisingly pleasant thing!  I like fresh starts at the end of a horrible season. Yesterday, the business where I had my belongings was shutting down.  It was a cute little barn in Burien and it is being sold to CVS pharmacy.  I would think that they would keep the building as it is absolutely charming, but will be that ugly pharmacy building. Too bad.

I am looking forward to some things I have in the works.  I am going to be doing some shows for my business.  One is Christmas in Seattle in November at the Seattle Convention Center.  Here is the information:

I will also be selling some stuff online.  I will keep you posted!  Here are some of types of items my daughter Natalie and I moved out of the shop. Contact me if you want to know more about my products and where I will be.  See you soon!  -Sue

Life takes turns in the road

Sometimes life takes a few turns in the road. Some we are somewhat prepared for and others broadside us. I've had both in the last couple of weeks. The one thing I did anticipate happening really did need to happen but was handled horribly. The other thing that happened left me shocked with some health issues I didn't see coming. It's in these times though that God comes along and shows us how much he cares.  I went to the Starbucks drive thru and the person ahead of me had paid for me. It's not even Christmas!  It was God's way of encouraging me. Just some of the things happening in my daily life are blessings. I am writing down 3 things per day of things that are from His hand that were good that day.  Yesterday I had interaction with a 4 year old boy who was an absolute delight. I found God's heart in that young man.
And who just blesses the socks off of a person?  A little smiling face dog named "Abby".

New "Old" stuff

I love old ladders, windows, screens, metal signs, wood signs, shelves, benches and the list goes on. So here are some of my new additions at Lasting Legacy in Burien Wa.   Stop by for a visit!
Old ladder, screen and some canvas and wood signs Proud to be American!                                               Something special about the Route 66 metal sign
                                                          I wanted to keep this old ladder
Wicker shelves and wood shelves Garden bench. Indoor or outdoors.

Lots of catch up......

Many of you know I am in school finishing my degree in Project Management. This year I have taught Zumba, been selling at Lasting Legacy in Burien,so I'm going to catch you up on a lot of stuff!
#1.  I am sick of school.  But I am making great strides.  Will I stop for summer? NOPE.  I just want to get-er'-done!
#2. This year some of my Zumba group and others ran a Hot Hula, Zumba, Hip Hop fundraiser for Toni's team Relay for Life!  We raised some funds and worked out for two hours. Here are some pictures...
#3. I have my wares at Lasting Legacy in Burien.  I am not as well stocked at the store as I would like to be, but I am trying to keep up.  Am I crazy?  YES.  I just like the relaxation that this brings to me.  Here's a few examples of what I have there....
  French country side table/cabinet  Antique turquoise window refurbished  One of many pillows  Beach stuff Come visit Lasting Legacy for some great finds.  You can find them on Facebook as well.

Cute factor goin…