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2011 Christmas loves

This holiday season comes with such blessings for me.

Here's a closeup of my large main tree. 
 I have a thing for gold lights and old looking ornaments.  Here's the mini-trees.....
and this one......
The mini trees are nestled by the fireplace....ahhhhhh.........

One of my fun things to adapt are old windows and old window screens..... The one below here is a "Faith" screen.
This is a coffee table that is down at "The Spare Room" in Everett.

Here are my old fashioned vintage candy canes....

Hope you are enjoying this Christmas season!  Take time to enjoy the beauty of it all!

2011 Fall Holiday items at "The Spare Room"

Fall items are in at "The Spare Room" right down on Hewitt Avenue in downtown Everett just across from Comcast Arena. Its been awhile since I've updated my blogspot...trying to balance my regular job, teaching Zumba, and spending time with my fantastic man has certainly been a challenge with updates!  Add that to computer problems....but here I am getting back to the swing of things again!  Come take a peak!
Brick colored shabby window Table, Table Runners, Placemats, Pumpkin Screen, Grandma's "Coffee" table

Business has been on hold all summer!

It's been a summer of studying for my PMP (Project Management Professional) exam, following the marriage of my daughter, Natalie to a great guy, Jordan. 

Business will be back on course when I finish my exam.  It's been "full speed ahead" since late spring. Can't wait to be done with the test and get back to doing two things I love...Zumba instruction and shabby chic furniture!  I will keep you posted!

House Blend Summer Plans and Updates!

Summertime is here and it's been awhile since I have taken the time to make updates on this page. My daughter is married now and it was a beautiful wedding.

The Wedding
                                                  Natalie and Jordan just before the ceremony
                                                  Natalie and I just before the ceremony

Fitting into God's plans....(rather than Him fitting into my plans) After the wedding, I began hitting the Project Management Certification studies hard again, (PMP) and also took some time to seek the Lord again as to what HIS will was with all that I have been involved in. I take my relationship with the Lord very seriously and want to make the best use of my I have dialed back on some involvement in activities that either weren't productive or weren't seeming to line up with God's plan. God has a perfect will and a permissive will. I want the perfect will of God.  For so many years I have let Him ride in th…

A Glimmer of Hope

There are those things in life that grab your the earthquake and Tsunami in Japan.  It makes me realize how petty I am about some things and causes me to look at re-prioritizing my life.

We're all caught up in our own little world and forget that there is a world around us who need a glimmer of hope.  What hope can I offer the people I'm around today?  How can I put Sue aside and look for a higher agenda?

"The Patty Room"
I want to make people feel comfortable when I visit with them.  So.... I put my guest bedroom together recently....and Patty adopted it.  Sorry Patty, I'm not sure that I will really call it that, but for now, it sufices.  Here's the pictures. I have a lot of reorganizing to do in my new place, but it looks like I'll be there sometime in April =)

Inconvenienced and Latest Projects! (Time to catch up)

Well....been a little just getting back into the swing of things.

Saw this post on Facebook and I thought it was appropriate for what I see going on in our world....I don't know who wrote it....

"Truth, though not being rejected, is being twisted and mutilated to custom fit a generation that doesn't necessarily desire to be godless, but rather a generation that seeks a god that makes them feel good about themselves regardless of their behaviors or beliefs. The "truth" has become nothing more than a clever lie, designed to seduce and trap a generation that doesn't want to be inconvenienced."

Life is inconvienient....people are inconvienient...and certainly obedience of servanthood is inconvenient.

"If you want to be great in God's kingdom, learn to be the servant of all."
Check out this'll make you think next time you feel "inconvenienced"......great reminder for me when I begin living in my selfish little…

New items at The Spare Room

So excited to be selling well at The Spare Room in Everett!  At a time that I am going through a move, I am scrambling to get items together to fill space at the this weekend, I rushed down with these three pieces:
Here's the set.

Here they are individually:

 Green Shabby Night Stand
Green Shabby Dresser and Shabby Drawer set with matching framed floral artwork

While it's been tough to keep up with everything, I am excited that I am able to make the money to help with my daughter's wedding!

The Spare Room is an awesome place to get vintage or antique items.  Come down to the shop just across from Comcast arena in Everett and check them out!

Getting back to business!

The beginning of the year is like a spring cleaning for me.  Clear out all that has been sitting and I don't need anymore!  Not only does this apply to my personal life, but to my professional life as well.

It's been a "heads down" kind of week where I am immersing myself into some kind of organizational heaven....(not that I'll ever get there)!!!!

So, while I'm at it, I am taking a bunch of projects and filling up my space at the store....

The Spare Room: Painting and more painting.... This school desk and chair sold a couple of hours after arriving...

Old coke crates are all situated at The Spare Room:
Then there's the brown and black textured side table: Little girl rocking chair:
Coffee signs and stuff:

Then a side view of my spaces:
I hope you can make it down to the shop.  Looks like the other vendors have brought in a lot of fun stuff too!

Baby it's cold out there!

Brrrrr..... so cold.  Attempted to get some painting of an old school desk and full sized headboard done in my detached garage, but stopped at 3/4ths done.  I think I will finish when it's a wee bit warmer.   Yeah, I have a heater in there, but then the lighting is an issue. That'll soon change! =)

So I did many calligraphy items with primitive art and began working on a texturized brown vintage coffee table.  This is phase 1 of the project. The legs will be black.  These items should make it to The Spare Room in Everett sometime over the weekend. I just have to find the time to finish them off, price them, deliver and set them up.
I'll post a picture of the brown coffee table once complete.

My life continues to be busy with wedding plans, moving, project management certification and trying to up my workout hours.  

Thanks for stopping by....