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Long time since I've been here...

Since the last time I wrote, I have moved to a whole new city to be by my new job with Boeing and then finished my first quarter back to finish my degree!  I MUST report that I got an "A" this quarter!  YAY!
 I am teaching Zumba with some amazing ladies.  (I have to get the workout in there). I love my new location and the people I am meeting.  I do miss my friends from up north.

At the Spare Room Vintage Market:
I had two pillows that I was selling but before I could get a picture of one, I had already been purchased...Here is my picture and I plan on making a boatload of them with different sayings.  Do you have any sayings you'd like to suggest? Write me here!

Faith Sign Grey Armoire Torquoise Desk 

Busy moving and enjoying painting!

Okay, I have been busy getting ready to move in order to adjust to my new position within Boeing. I have taken those pieces that have been in my garage and fixed them up....Now they're at "The Spare Room" shop in Everett. I will add more soon!

My life as recently....

This I had to take some time off work to have surgery and I stopped working on House Blend. So I worked to prep everything as much as possible but loading my booth up to the rim!!! 

Here are some new items and some re-arranging pictures:
Going back to bed now.

New Items

Love, love,love the weekends for getting things done! Here is a patriotic side table I completed....
                                                    Here is another picture of  the table

                      Then, there's a mint/torquoise side table and 1938 bread box...

       More to come as I get the furniture in the garage painted and out to the store!

Soft dresser

I don't have a whole lot to add today, but I am pleased with the latest dresser completed soon to be at "The Spare Room" in Everett. I'm busy painting up a storm this weekend; finishing up an end table that's turquoise, a patriotic table and a 1938 bread box.Trying to get a whole lot done before going back to college!

New Items and a Refurbished table!!!!

I've been wanting to get to this for awhile, but Memorial Day weekend provided the opportunity at last!  Jim gave me this table and we both decided it would be a great thing to fix up for my daughter and son in law!  Here is the arms are so tired! 
                                                     Right now it is transformed into this.....
                                                I just have to seal it up. I love how it turned out! 
                                         The table is a gift for the kids' first wedding anniversary.

Then I worked on some pieces and added some new items to my stock at The Spare Room in Everett WA.
                                                          New the quote...
                                                       Block letters..........
                                                         New Coffee sign....

      I also thinned out my cluttered closet, donated a bunch of stuff to Value V…

New Primitive and Shabby Items!

I love it when I have a weekend to put together some nice items to take into the shop.  This week I've added some new primitive items... (these are only a few of the new items)
See the crocks above?  I love these things!  Look at the pillows as well; flags and then these....
                             The sheep pillows and "Love You More" pillows are so fun!

                             Take a peak at the new shabby white and grey table....

                             Then, there's the shabby white side table.  I love the design.

                     Come on down to "The Spare Room" in Everett WA. See you soon!

Spring Motivation!

Somehow the sun just motivates us all to get up and get projects done.  For quite a while, I was contemplating getting some new items into "The Spare Room" in Everett and painting up a dresser was hand made in 1960!  Carefully handcrafted, it is sturdy and will last another 50 plus years!  I painted it grey.... take a peak.....
                                           It's lightly dusted with white giving it a very soft feel.  

Then, there were some items I just liked and wanted to sell to the right home. Here's a great rust chair, antique rust blanket and a great bolster pillow.
                                                     I love the combo of these items!

                                      Wouldn't the chair look great with this large room rug?
                               Then add to it some stellar primitive pieces that are additions:
                          And then the stichery and candle holder...all PRIMITIVE!!!!
Lot's of new stuff an…

April Showers May Flowers

Lately, we have been enjoying the sun in the Seattle area....and then the rain....but hey, we had some sunny weekends!  Everything has grown so much. The yard is a constant source of effort.
I've been enjoying planting my flowers and creating a bit.

Here's some new items at my shop....

"A True Love Story" large canvas
"I'm Wearing the Smile..." "It is Well with my Soul" And of course for Mother's Day..... These little letters are doing well and are fun to do!
Stay tuned for more items!

The beauty of letters

I love typography!  I am so grateful that letters and numbers are popular right now.  Pinterest has some great stencils and directions for creating letter and number items. 

Not too long ago I decided to take some wood items I had and have them chopped into blocks. I then painted and aged them and applied a letter to each one. I love how these little guys turned out!  Now I am going on to numbers.  I will see how these sells at "The Spare Room" in Everett.

Here's a shot...
and then this picture....
They were so much fun to do. Putting words together such as "Faith" "Hope" and "Love" would be a nice touch for a fireplace mantle or on a shelf. I'm going to make more of these.  There is so much that could be done with them.  What would you do? Hope you enjoy them.

Green Spring Colors!!!!

Intro to spring......The time has changed this weekend so it's a sign that we are headed into spring!!!! Why not some spring green then? Take a peak at what's new at "The Spare Room". 

Here's the green and white shabby dressing table...
Then there's the shabby green wine rack......

Come down to "The Spare Room" in Everett and see what else is new....there's great finds!


Typography and Shabby!

Time has prohibited me from doing a whole lot with my business.  However, lately I placed a few new items at "The Spare Room" as I have sold a few things...such as the Redbarn Sweetheart Table.
Red is a color that is supposed to entice your how fitting for a table!!!!

This week, I dropped off my chippy shabby chic green coffee table.  I love the green and white!  Here, take a peak.......

And then look at the new canvas sign..... I love letters and numbers as art.

These are great for Valentine's Day!!!!!

So if you live in the Everett area, come down to "The Spare Room" just across from Comcast arena~

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! New items at "The Spare Room"

Happy New Year everyone!  2011 brought so many gifts especially with a new son in law and my Jim!!!!

I have been busy creating new items for the vintage shop in Everett just across from Comcast Arena. Such as this red table that I call "Redbarn Sweetheart Table"
The picture doesn't really show the true red doesn't show the real tones. This picture makes it look like it has brown tones, but it does not.

Here are some new frameables that were created..... I love doing the lettering!!!!!!

A large canvas.....
Then there is the an old screen that I did up.....

This is just a start to the New Year!!!!  Come visit "The Spare Room"!!!!! There's lots of really good stuff there!