Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Married on 9/22/18!

On 9/22/18 Dan & I married in Skagit County in Mount Vernon at The Saltbox Barn on Fir Island in Washington State. The day was overcast and then it rained.  Beautiful rainbows surrounded the venue as reported from several of our guests. We had around 100 people at our big day that was focused on fun... surprise dances from Dan and I, my Zumba peeps, fun kids and their significant others, grandkids... oh so much fun! The theme was country. A barn was perfect, but even better than that, my daughter Natalie picked the venue for our special day.

Prior to the "big day" we had a few get-togethers.... basically, celebrations with friends and family. First, our girls all got together for a little rafting adventure on the Spokane River. All of our daughters together on this ride. So...much...fun.....

River Rafting; Adrienne, Carol, Liz, Natalie and Becca
Pre-wedding gathering - my parents house

Bonnie (sister-in- law)at my parents home

                                      Girls get together hosted by Natalie. Sharon Hale and me
Natalie, me, Sharon, Dawn
    Pacific NW Memory items!
  I didn't do so well on the shower game.
My Zumba Shower... SO.... MUCH.....FUN!!!!
                                                     Mani and Pedi's a day before the "big day" with Adrienne, my mom and Natalie

Rehearsal: The night before we had a casual dinner and then a run through of the vows. Some of the decorating was being done at the same time.
The barn view at night

Emcee and DJ getting set up. This area served cold drinks and had the sound system in place

Jameson just hanging

Practicing the walk
Happily finishing our walk


Getting ready: A very early morning start for all in order to be ready for the big day. The family and our team arrived at 10 am at Saltbox.
Josiah kept telling me he was proud of me.
Dan getting ready

Ruth Strang, Dan's mom and my mother in law
My Mama and me

Just before the walk...."Another one bites the dust"!

Best Man, Robert and Dan

Just before my walk down the aisle

Our Adrienne

Blue and Rust were our colors.  Loved the combo. The guys wore bullet boutonnieres
to represent military and hunters on both sides of our family. Plus it was just cool!

Just before the walk down the aisle

Natalie Zipping me

My dress

Special moments with my mama

Our Liz
The guys are ready to go

The guys

Josiah & Harrison

The girls and I practicing our dance that was a surprise for my groom

Location: Located on Fir Island in Mount Vernon in the Puget Sound area, the views were breathtaking. Dan and I fell in love with the idea of a rustic wedding. We wanted it to be fun, affordable and something that we all could look back on and say that it was a fun day. Over and over and again people told us that it was one of the best weddings that they had ever been to. It was the atmosphere and the lovely people who surrounded us with their joyful presence!
Decor: I chose to place white curtains at the big barn opening with an "S" monogram over where we'd say our vows.  I placed bouquets together and Dawn put them into containers and then did her magic throughout the place.  I made some wedding favors with lavender or rosemary sachets, with a small wood disc with our wedding thanks and then on the back a one of a kind flower painting complete with a take home magnet so folks could hang up the wood disk. I made several signs and Grace Schroeder made some gorgeous signs for us as well. We provided blankets since it was the official first day of fall.

Lovely Barn

Our Sweetheart table decorated by Kali and Desi

These went on each table

Dawn finishing up the decor

Entrance - We asked for folks to make donations to our two favorite charities.

God is at the center of our marriage

Saltbox sign

And the "Hunt" was over...finally!

Beautiful decor and desserts


Simple designs for the rustic atmosphere!

The barn the day of our wedding

Barn walls

Church view

Balcony views

Our preference was to start with tables instead of rows for people to sit before the ceremony and during the reception.

Simple hot drink cups

Our food was fabulous! Michelle LaJune was our caterer. Highly recommend her!

Since it was a fall wedding, we decided to place lap blankets for people to use if needed.
"To have and to Hold, in Case you Get Cold"

Wedding favors

Our guest book - created by Grace Schroeder and now hung in our room

Bouquets by our Becca and Liz

Wedding party pictures: Our girls were such a blessing. There significant others and our grandchildren were so much fun!
Kids on the balcony

Three generations of marriages, me, my daughter and my mother

Guys in front of their dressing room

Airstream.... pretty cool!

Natalie and Me

Natalie and I

Dan, Me, Pastor Gary

My Matron of Honor, Natalie!

 The Ceremony:  I sang Allison Kraus' song, "When You Say Nothing at All" to my groom as I walked down the aisle.  My voice cracked as I looked at one of my friends who was sobbing as I started my journey down to my groom.  She had known the journey I had been on to find the right guy for me.
Singing to my groom

Robert (brother-in-law) and Natalie

Josh and Adrienne

Kalieb and Caroline

Bryan and Becca
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Brian and Liz

The boys coming down the aisle with the sign, "Don't worry ladies, I'm still single"
Flower Girls aka our moms!


We all danced after the pronouncement down the aisle to "I'm  a Believer"

The Reception:  Okay, when I throw a party, I am serious about having fun! Dan and I signed our wedding license and then surprised the crowd with a dance.  So much fun. By the way, after we said our "I do's" we danced down the aisle. After Dan I danced we had the longest married couples dance, we broke into a family dance and the Zumba gals did a flash mob to get our guests in on the fun and fun it was!  Even the young ones were busting a move!

South Sound Zumba Instructor friends
 Katie led the family flashmob where the daughters joined in "We are Family"
 Katie and kids with us

 "We are Family" for a surprise for Dan
 Even the kids got into it!
 Dan and I dancing down the aisle
Bride and father dance
Son and Mom dance

Kathryn and I

Send off using farm tools as our arch!

Thank you to Codi Rios Photography, Sharon Kaldor (additional photo), Michelle LaJune, Natalie McLean, Jordan McIlrath and the many friends and family that helped us every step of the way!