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Beautiful things...

Ever taken the time to write 3 awesome things that have happened each day? Well, I am on a journey to do just that. As I am doing it, the little things seem to make my day. The guy in the car ahead of me at Starbucks who didn't know I was having a bad day paid for my drink, the neighbor who didn't know I really wanted flowers and yet brought me two roses from her garden. These are simple things, but they are beautiful.

Perhaps that's why I like to go searching for beautiful vintage, repurposed or distressed items. Here are some of my new finds:

I encourage you to focus on the beautiful things in life!  Maybe it's a cute face like this:
Care to share your beautiful finds? 


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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! New items at "The Spare Room"

Happy New Year everyone!  2011 brought so many gifts especially with a new son in law and my Jim!!!!

I have been busy creating new items for the vintage shop in Everett just across from Comcast Arena. Such as this red table that I call "Redbarn Sweetheart Table"
The picture doesn't really show the true red doesn't show the real tones. This picture makes it look like it has brown tones, but it does not.

Here are some new frameables that were created..... I love doing the lettering!!!!!!

A large canvas.....
Then there is the an old screen that I did up.....

This is just a start to the New Year!!!!  Come visit "The Spare Room"!!!!! There's lots of really good stuff there!

The selling of a Home that you have loved.....

I cannot believe how attached I became to a Home! I finished my bachelors here, studied for a certification, walked Abby my dog through her healing, adopted Amelia, prayed for many, used the garage and living room to choreograph or learn new Zumba routines, had tons of company, had fun times with my daughter, son in law and grandsons playing, and prayed for my now upcoming husband Daniel Strang. 

Just for the sake of memory building, God provided Dan to be with me to close this door and start anew on my last day of pack out 7/17/18. I even choreographed 2 new Zumba routines in the living room on this day. I recorded this video when I had a few things to get out. This is bitter sweet!

Take a look at these photos when I had staged to place to sell:

This home sold so fast! Two days to be exact with a closing of 17 days.  I was moving to get things done. Wow. 

But now to …

Welcome Christmas!

The season is upon us and I am grateful for a wonderful time with family at Thanksgiving and for all the blessings that come with family time. For many of us family time can be so challenging during the season due to strained relationships. I know the pain so well. I won't go into details here but God is faithful no matter what. Here's some Thanksgiving pictures of my lil' grandson....

He's such a little love!

I got my tree up and ready for the rest of the holidays:

Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas season!

Christmas sale: 10% off! Large chair regular price: 115.95. Chair with back regular price: 79.95