Friday, December 24, 2010

Natalie and Jordan's engagement!!!!

It happened on a rainy Christmas eve, 2010 about 8:40ish pm....the proposal.  Carefully planned...not too surprising was Jordan's proposal.  He had called me earlier during the week and told me of his scheme to propose on Christmas eve after finishing up his evening here and then traveling down to his dad and step-mom's home in Enumclaw.  I completely approve!  He's transparent and adores my daughter, but most of all he loves His Lord!

I knew he was the one for my daughter once I met him.  Their story is a "God thing".

Natalie, (my daughter 24 yrs old) had been working at a home pre-school daycare.  One day she arrived in her regular daycare casual apparrel and her boss noticed that there was a gas company working outside in the neighborhood.  She told Natalie that there was a cute guy working and that she should go make herself seen and known. So Natalie went out to her bosses car, rumaging around in the vehicle and walked back into the daycare.  Her boss said, "He's totally checking you out."  Then her boss said, "Let's take him some coffee."  So they and a few of the kids marched outdoors to give him some coffee and to make some introductions.  Pam, (the boss) said, "Let's take some pictures" and managed to scrunch Natalie and Jordan together.  Pam bodly said, "Natalie's single.  Are you single?"  His answer, "yes."  Pam didn't stop there though.  She said, "Well since you're single and Natalie's single, you should ask her out on a date."  Jordan replied, "I would, but she seems like she wouldn't want to go."  Natalie said, "Well, that's because I am completely embarassed."  Nonetheless, they planned a date.

Natalie and Jordan both had concerns about where the other one was with their faith.  They both were attracted to one another.  Natalie was to meet Jordan at his work location a day later for that date.  All the way there she prayed, "God, he's probably not a Christian.  I hope he is.  Just help me get through the date.  I can't date a man who isn't a Christian."

She arrived at his worksite and called him just as they planned to let him know she was there.  It seemed like it was taking forever for him to come out and meet up with her. Little did she know that he was inside spending some time praying almost the same thing as she was, hoping that she too was a Christian.

He took her to dinner.  He asked, "do you go to Church?"  Natalie was getting a glimmer of hope.  Turns out that their beliefs were similar.  The rest is history.  The moment I met him, I knew...he's the one for her. Never thought that about any other guys that Natalie had dated in the past.  And to boot, he has wonderful parents that I have met.

Tonight, I am marveling at what the Lord has done.  My shy girl who doesn't go out and pursue men had a man brought to her, completely led by the Lord. It's a beautiful story!

Welcome to the family Jordan!!!!  I love you both!  ~Mom

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas week Updates!

Here it is...Christmas week. Time flies!

As I ponder the year, I look back at the time I have not made the best use of my time....aka worry.  Why can't I just lay things down on the altar and leave them there?  Yeah, they crawl off, I put them back on.  Sometimes, I have been known to sneak them off of the altar, (as if God can't see)...hah!  Eventually, I place them back on.  It gets easier and easier to let go...but I think I have been in the realm of being classified as a "professional worrier".  It's so old to behave this way.  UGH!  I am sure none of you can relate!

This year has brought me so much growth though.  Taking the time to honor God by becoming the best of me. I have taken time away from things that would draw me into conflict or distract me in any way shape or form from the will of God.  I have taken time to adequately care for myself, body, soul and spirit.   He deserves my best.

Quality Performance and Awesome Support
This last weekend, I had the privilege of heading up an improv group with the pastor performing with us, It was for a Variety show production that was very well done.  Our church had a production that had folks with different gifts showcase them. We had a painter, a monologue artist, a celtic dancer, singers, etc. Each did a quality job as they were nudged by leadership to bring out their best and to display their gift to Jesus. It was one of the funnest events I have been a part of!

New Shabby at "The Spare Room" in Everett WA
I want to thank my friends and customers who have supported my art work. It's been a good year to get back into the saddle and I have thoroughly enjoyed it! Today these items were placed at "The Spare Room". In addition the regular Christmas items are there.  Stop by!  Located right across from Comcast Arena on Hewitt.

Black Distressed End Table
White Shabby end table front view
White Shabby end table side view

Christmas and New Years!
I'm planning on spending some time with my daughter and her beau on Christmas and then some friends.  Then on New Years heading to Oregon to visit a long time friend. So excited!  Wish I had more time off to cruise the coastline.  We'll see!  I could always take my work computer and find a place to remote in.  Hmmmmm.....

Wishing you a warm and Merry Christmas~~~~~

Dressers and Pillows!

Dressers and Pillows!
Summer at The Spare Room

Shabby Dresser and Decor

Shabby Dresser and Decor
Pink and White Shabby

Summer Nautical

Summer Nautical
Summer Nautical

Latest at The Spare Room

Latest at The Spare Room
Latest at The Spare Room, Everett WA