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Showing posts from October 24, 2010

Mystery Weekend and Sales!

Two more black dressers sold this weekend while I was away at Nob Hill Bed and Breakfast in St. Helens....did I mention that my daughter and the owner's son are dating?  Yep!  And I really like their son! Aren't they cute?

Here are a few pics for the fall weekend that was a lot of fun!  I am also glad I made some sales while away!  So I have now re-stocked "The Spare Room" and back to finishing up a major project at Boeing.  Whooohooo!

and my mysterious character....Tara Misu...who was a very questionable girl....
A friend of mine, Sharon, was Mama Rosa....
So off to work again.... the computer is calling me to do some real work....then I'll pick up a paint brush and off to Zumba.   Buh bye!