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Showing posts from September 1, 2013

New changes

Ever have those seasons in your life where everything is changing all at once?  I am in that season now.  It can be a surprisingly pleasant thing!  I like fresh starts at the end of a horrible season. Yesterday, the business where I had my belongings was shutting down.  It was a cute little barn in Burien and it is being sold to CVS pharmacy.  I would think that they would keep the building as it is absolutely charming, but will be that ugly pharmacy building. Too bad.

I am looking forward to some things I have in the works.  I am going to be doing some shows for my business.  One is Christmas in Seattle in November at the Seattle Convention Center.  Here is the information:

I will also be selling some stuff online.  I will keep you posted!  Here are some of types of items my daughter Natalie and I moved out of the shop. Contact me if you want to know more about my products and where I will be.  See you soon!  -Sue