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Showing posts from November 28, 2010

Distressed....(not in spirit)

Just added this the "The Spare Room" in Everett yesterday.
                                         Classic black.  Becoming a good friend of mine!

Looking forward to hosting a mystery dinner party this weekend, "Pizza, Pasta and Politics". Several "politicians" have agreed to show up; Sarah Palfan, Ronald and Nancy Rogaine, George and Laura Shrub, Maria Cantvotevery Well, Al Gorgeous , Diane Sawher and Nancy Pillpopski. It appears Pepi Razzi was murdered.  He was always taking pictures of them and was found dead behind the bushes at Everett's "Martha's Vineyard". Whodunit?  We shall see!

Christmas Season 2010: Reflections....

This year has been filled with surprises of many sorts:
1. Natalie met an amazing man, (Jordan) that I adore.  God's planning had to have been perfect in this as he has the same type of humor that we enjoy....a little off kilter. I also like how they bring out the best in one another.

2. I have spent the entire year taking care of "Sue".  This is NOT the same thing as being selfish, rather it is caring enough about my relationship with my savior that I have honored myself in many ways; eating right, working out, pulling back from over-commitment and having healthy relationships. Somehow, I had gotten a few of these things so confused throughout the years.
Take for instance, relationships...I had thought I had established good boundaries in my life, but instead they were often times weak, (I made excuses for those in my life that were not honoring to me) and sometimes I created walls when I was afraid.  My Lord was faithful to show me..."Do you not believe that yo…