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Showing posts from November 14, 2010

Holiday Happenings!

So glad the weekend is here! Busy time of the year for Boeing as they close out projects for the end of the year activities. It's also a busy time of the year for "The Spare Room" in Everett as the season has shifted to Christmas buying.

I want to bring up a prayer request for some dear friends of mine who are really suffering right now... please pray for the Kraft family...precious people who have a steadfast faith as they raise a child who has had a transplant.  Please drop by their site and give support. They are tremendous people of faith....they don't demand an explanation from God on why they have had this ongoing challenge, but rather they simply trust.  I am so proud of this young couple who have shown the Lord's grace so well in the midst of suffering. Here's the blog:

Besides meeting up with some friends and getting some tasks done around the house, I will be…