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Showing posts from November 7, 2010

More mystery pics.....

Just got the mystery pics back...boy did we have fun!  Thank you to Tana and Matt for being such gracious and fabulous hosts!
This was prior to the Mystery Dinner... Here I was getting into character as "Tira Misu"
Here's the other characters!
I'm sad here, because they blamed ME for everything and I didn't do it.  The guy next to me did....

The Holidays....

Hi there....its been awhile since I have updated....
I've been busy trying to make enough product to get down to "The Spare Room" in Everett for Christmas. Somehow, I got this idea this year that I wanted to create vintage candy cane items for Christmas decor.   I have small  cane ornaments to place on a tree and large canes to put next to a tree or as a pillow on a couch, etc.   Here's a pic next to my fireplace.
Then I have gone to town making lamb, heart, flag, coffee, tree vintage ornaments.

Come down this weekend to "The Spare Room" and check out other items as well as the incredible store located right next to Comcast arena.

Enjoy the holidays and treasure all that God has given you! 

Blessings, Sue