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Thanks to those who serve our country...other weekend happenings

This weekend a number of us will be participating in a Zumba fundraiser (for Breast Cancer).  Today I am remembering the dear ladies that I have personally known that have passed due to this wicked disease, Kathy, Lorelei.  I am also remembering the survivors who have fought so hard as well for victory!

We are all reminded of the 9/11 event.  A BIG thank you to the men and women who daily lay down their lives for our protection.  We don't thank you enough!

Also on the agenda is painting up a storm for "The Spare Room" in Everett Wa.  I have some dressers that will be painted white similar to this: Lots to do! Praying for all the families who have been impacted by 9/11 and breast cancer directly.  May we never forget you!

Inspirational People!

As an artist, I look to be inspired in many places. Music, drama, stores, and in studying people.  I am always amazed by a person of great character. I am thinking of a lady I know right now.  She lost her long time husband this year as he battled with cancer.  They were truly life partners.  Their willingness to serve one another in the good and bad times with a level-headedness second to none is truly amazing. She has stayed strong.  She keeps joy even in hardship. She loves because Christ loves. Who is this woman? Gloria.

I can also find inspiration in those that are struggling in daily life.  I think of a little boy who I know who has had so much to contend with, it's a wonder he keeps going. Others may give up on him because his circumstances are just too great, but I haven't.  I think he's admirable in the midst of absolute chaos.  He innocently seems to trust that somehow all will be okay, and J, I am praying that God will honor your life and do way beyond what you …