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Showing posts from July 4, 2010

Fun in the Sun weekend...a lot of missing items...good sign!!!

It was great to get together with the ladies on Friday night with a swim, the bbq and then watching Anita Renfro.  What fun!  Saturday's events were going to Sasafrass in Lakewood (the one just past Marysville) to drop off an order and other stock.  I was thrilled to see a lot of missing items for my past stock so it was a good time to refill.

Then took off to "The Lavendar Festival" in Marysville.  Ran into a few fellow artists and enjoyed speaking to them.  Loved their stuff they were selling, and loved the lavendar that I picked up for my deck.

So, profitable weekend thus far and a lot to get done inthe next day before returning to my real job.  Hope your weekend was enjoyable with all the sun!

A lil' toasty this evening, eh?

Hopefully you are staying cool but thoroughly enjoying the sunshine which is rare around our parts!

I have a funny cat story to share...

I was logging into my work computer after just playing with my cat. I then had my normal cereal breakfast and placed the bowl down on the floor until I finished logging in. My cat likes hairspray bottle tops and so she comes over with the top in her mouth, drops it into my bowl as if to say..."We were not done playing". So there was the bottle top floating on the milk....

New Pillows made over the 4th...and other stuff...

What do you do when its cool and dreary out over the 4th? Work out....enjoy close relationships.....and.....Grab a cup of coffee then....Ah...relaxing and being creative! So much fun! I love making the little flowers on the pillows. It's been warm today here....but that didn't stop me from going to Zumba with a good friend. I don't know was much harder today....I left dripping in sweat but thoroughly enjoying it! Enjoy this warm week. I intend on finding the water!