Thursday, July 19, 2018

The selling of a Home that you have loved.....

I cannot believe how attached I became to a Home! I finished my bachelors here, studied for a certification, walked Abby my dog through her healing, adopted Amelia, prayed for many, used the garage and living room to choreograph or learn new Zumba routines, had tons of company, had fun times with my daughter, son in law and grandsons playing, and prayed for my now upcoming husband Daniel Strang. 

Dan & I

Just for the sake of memory building, God provided Dan to be with me to close this door and start anew on my last day of pack out 7/17/18. I even choreographed 2 new Zumba routines in the living room on this day. I recorded this video when I had a few things to get out. This is bitter sweet!

Take a look at these photos when I had staged to place to sell:

This home sold so fast! Two days to be exact with a closing of 17 days.  I was moving to get things done. Wow. 

Chalkboard wall to write encouraging thoughts to share


Faux Brick

My floor creation

Some good workouts occurred here...and then it' was a shop too!

But now to move on to a new life soon with Dan. We go to a new, bigger home. So amazing to have God make things so clear to move on. One thing after another has guided me through this year and it has been a ride! So amazing!   Here's some after pack out pictures and some of my staging pictures both professional and then my own pictures. 
Professional photo - backyard

Yeah, I didn't take this picture....

Dining Room

Professional front of house

My Kitchen... so many memories with family and friends!

June was the last night that my Zumba crew joined in for a late night breakfast!

Professional dining and living view

My Step-dad and I made that TV, Fireplace cabinet

Often, I'd have my devotions looking out to my backyard. So peaceful.

Professional-where so many memories occurred! 

Main bath

My solace... my room

Hydrangea that I planted. Hydrangeas love me!

The patio I had put in... loved it for entertaining and sitting with the dogs on a weekend morning!

View of back of house. My picture

So many relaxing fire pit nights with friends and loved ones!

View of my yard overall from the first patio

Great trees and the dogs had lots of squirrels to chase!

Yard was a lot of work but so wonderful

More yard

More yard

View of patio 2 from the bottom of the yard

After pack out on 7/17/18

Pack out

Dining area

Entry way after pack out

Entry -staged

My gym and sometimes shop

Guest Bath

Finally... I have to share my holiday and misc. pictures with you....

Setting for my family Christmas dinner!
This home was amazing, special and something like I have never experienced about a home before.  I don't know... there was something special about it.  People noticed that about it too. They commented to me. I am so amazed that God brought me this home so easily, but He also has made it clear to let it become someone else.... He always has a good plan!