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Spokane Garden Expo May 13th update

A Cold Garden Show - but we're still good! This past weekend was the Spokane Garden Expo. There weren't a ton of people there as there have been in the past couple of years due to cold weather and a bit of intermittent rain. We managed to do okay though. The bummer was that on the driver over to Spokane, two windows were broken.  Oh my!  So expensive but a lot of value comes from lessons learned.
The windows were a lot larger but looked similar to these:
Here's more pictures of the booth:   The whole view NEW! Wedding signs
 Wedding Banners, other banners....very fun and made of antique canvas and papers!  Garden wall hangings to include my new owls! Each one of these owls had names and a story behind them. This is Francine the Owl. She has garden & tea parties in the neighborhood for all the other lady owls. I have some new mixed media items that will be coming out soon. For now, that's my creative adventure news.  Stay tuned!