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Christmas in Seattle and upcoming projects!

Christmas in Seattle went well overall. The last day was the most stressful as we were exhausted and tearing down was a huge endeavor.  A 20 x 10 foot booth was packed to the rafters. I wanted to give shoppers the ability to look with delight everywhere in our booth. I loved the comments and the Christmas joy in people's eyes.   Here are pictures we took just after set up:

I sold out of all the bird ornaments!  The canvases were also a hit. Furniture was difficult to sell there because most didn't come prepared to take a large piece home. I did sell the dresser just above. I was secretly hoping that I could keep it for my new home that I purchased and will be in next month!  I want to a HUGE thank you to those that volunteered to work or set up. What a selfless thing to do and such a blessing to me!  Natalie McLean, (the best daughter one could have) worked her fanny off!  Then there was Lynn Aldrich and Dawn Edwards. May the Lord bless you all for stepping up and going the ex…