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Showing posts from August 25, 2013

Life takes turns in the road

Sometimes life takes a few turns in the road. Some we are somewhat prepared for and others broadside us. I've had both in the last couple of weeks. The one thing I did anticipate happening really did need to happen but was handled horribly. The other thing that happened left me shocked with some health issues I didn't see coming. It's in these times though that God comes along and shows us how much he cares.  I went to the Starbucks drive thru and the person ahead of me had paid for me. It's not even Christmas!  It was God's way of encouraging me. Just some of the things happening in my daily life are blessings. I am writing down 3 things per day of things that are from His hand that were good that day.  Yesterday I had interaction with a 4 year old boy who was an absolute delight. I found God's heart in that young man.
And who just blesses the socks off of a person?  A little smiling face dog named "Abby".