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Showing posts from March 18, 2012

The beauty of letters

I love typography!  I am so grateful that letters and numbers are popular right now.  Pinterest has some great stencils and directions for creating letter and number items. 

Not too long ago I decided to take some wood items I had and have them chopped into blocks. I then painted and aged them and applied a letter to each one. I love how these little guys turned out!  Now I am going on to numbers.  I will see how these sells at "The Spare Room" in Everett.

Here's a shot...
and then this picture....
They were so much fun to do. Putting words together such as "Faith" "Hope" and "Love" would be a nice touch for a fireplace mantle or on a shelf. I'm going to make more of these.  There is so much that could be done with them.  What would you do? Hope you enjoy them.