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Inconvenienced and Latest Projects! (Time to catch up)

Well....been a little just getting back into the swing of things.

Saw this post on Facebook and I thought it was appropriate for what I see going on in our world....I don't know who wrote it....

"Truth, though not being rejected, is being twisted and mutilated to custom fit a generation that doesn't necessarily desire to be godless, but rather a generation that seeks a god that makes them feel good about themselves regardless of their behaviors or beliefs. The "truth" has become nothing more than a clever lie, designed to seduce and trap a generation that doesn't want to be inconvenienced."

Life is inconvienient....people are inconvienient...and certainly obedience of servanthood is inconvenient.

"If you want to be great in God's kingdom, learn to be the servant of all."
Check out this'll make you think next time you feel "inconvenienced"......great reminder for me when I begin living in my selfish little…