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Showing posts from January 16, 2011

Getting back to business!

The beginning of the year is like a spring cleaning for me.  Clear out all that has been sitting and I don't need anymore!  Not only does this apply to my personal life, but to my professional life as well.

It's been a "heads down" kind of week where I am immersing myself into some kind of organizational heaven....(not that I'll ever get there)!!!!

So, while I'm at it, I am taking a bunch of projects and filling up my space at the store....

The Spare Room: Painting and more painting.... This school desk and chair sold a couple of hours after arriving...

Old coke crates are all situated at The Spare Room:
Then there's the brown and black textured side table: Little girl rocking chair:
Coffee signs and stuff:

Then a side view of my spaces:
I hope you can make it down to the shop.  Looks like the other vendors have brought in a lot of fun stuff too!