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Showing posts from January 9, 2011

Baby it's cold out there!

Brrrrr..... so cold.  Attempted to get some painting of an old school desk and full sized headboard done in my detached garage, but stopped at 3/4ths done.  I think I will finish when it's a wee bit warmer.   Yeah, I have a heater in there, but then the lighting is an issue. That'll soon change! =)

So I did many calligraphy items with primitive art and began working on a texturized brown vintage coffee table.  This is phase 1 of the project. The legs will be black.  These items should make it to The Spare Room in Everett sometime over the weekend. I just have to find the time to finish them off, price them, deliver and set them up.
I'll post a picture of the brown coffee table once complete.

My life continues to be busy with wedding plans, moving, project management certification and trying to up my workout hours.  

Thanks for stopping by....