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Showing posts from August 1, 2010

One, wonderful Weekend!

This last weekend was fabulous!  Kayaking in Friday Harbor with hopes of seeing a whale or two and some seals. While we didn't see a whale kayaking, we saw one on the ferry on the way back.  It wasn't a warm day by any means, but it still was beautiful!  Take a peak at some pictures.  Was at Hope Foursquare on Sunday.  I am so proud of the congregation there who lost their well-known, well-loved Pastor, Tom Ferguson in May.  We all miss him dearly but know that heaven is a sweeter place because he is there.

I also added some new pieces at "The Spare Room" in Everett.   White dresser, white potting table and white shelves. Next month I will be increasing my space to add more furniture!

Today I found this lovely blogspot:  When you get a chance, check it out!