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Showing posts from October 3, 2010

Lots of black furniture!

I've been down to my little shop this week to restock some primitive items. The little black desk, black side table, white side table, pumpkin painted old screen, primitive tray and some shabby pink and white items have sold.  

So I have now replaced them with this coffee table:
and these black shelves.....
and another primitive tray:

and these trays...
This weekend I will be finishing up more items to take down on Sunday.  Black and white seem to sell for me.  Can't wait to get started....but have to tend to my "real" job! Looking forward to a fun weekend!

The Reward of Doing what is Right

New at "The Spare Room" !
Fall table runners, Black shelves

Primitive Star Table
The Reward of Doing what is Right

Over the weekend, it was made very clear to me the reward for what is doing right.  I heard a couple of sermons and saw the fruit in my life as I completed something I felt I was nudged to do. 

On the flip side of making wise choices, is the obvious...the bad choices.  What ever happens to them?

For the person who steals, lies, cheats, lives in rage, compromises their values, etc.....well, they get caught or live in misery and even if they don't (initially), God sees all and consequences will follow....

To see what lays ahead for our choices see: Deuteronomy 28

We can create good news or bad news for ourselves....I don't know about you...but I want the may take awhile to get there, but they will come with right living!