Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Taking Care of Yourself

I have spent the last year in a focused effort of taking better care of myself.  Something foreign to someone who spent years as a single mom.  What does taking care of one self look like?  Here are some thoughts:
1. Don't overcrowd your schedule
2. Say "no" if it's a "good idea" rather than a "God idea" 
3. Just because your good at a lot of things, doesn't mean you need to do them all
4. Take time to play....try new activities on a regular basis and put them on your calendar as "red dot" days. Red dot days are days that you schedule new things on your calendar that are fun and exciting events just for you.  It could be kayaking, walking a new trail, taking up a new hobby, etc.
5. Get some counseling if you need to work through things that hold you back from moving forward. Who doesn't need good godly counsel? If you think you don't, you may need to re-examine.
6. Value yourself enough to have good boundaries
7. Screen who you let take up your life.
8. Don't allow people to squelch your giftings and talents.  If they aren't appreciated, it's a sign to move on.
9. Forgive!  It's good for you.  It doesn't mean reconcilliation, but it does mean that you've released the situation or person(s) to God.  He is very good at taking it on.  We are not.
10. Relax!  God has everything under control!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Everything Vintage!

I so enjoy the vintage blogs I see.   Old furniture, old items, shabbied up and brought back to life. Check out this blog at (Thanks for sharing)!

This week, I am doubling my space at "The Spare Room" in Everett WA.  I am excited to bring in new pieces of furniture....A classic black desk, black side table, Grey dresser, shabby pink furniture as well as some surprise antiques I have recently collected along the way.

I would love to get pictures of your booths to add to my blogspot!  Send them my way.

After work and a little will find me here....  Zumba/Latin Heat....I love these workouts they make me feel like I'm back in my high school days =)....

Some thought and inspiration by Chuck Swindoll:

"When money is our objective for happiness, we must live in fear of losing it, which makes us paranoid and suspicious. When fame is our aim, we become competitive lest others upstage us, which makes us envious. When power and influence drive us, we become self-serving and strong-willed, which makes us arrogant. And when possessions become our god, we become materialistic, thinking enough is never enough, which makes us greedy. All these pursuits fly in the face of contentment and joy.
Only Christ can satisfy, whether we have or don't have, whether we are known or unknown, whether we live or die. And the good news is this: Death only sweetens the pie! That alone is enough to make you laugh again.
The Living Bible states: "For to me, living means opportunities for Christ, and dying---well, that's better yet!" (Phil. 1:21). The New Testament in Modern English, J.B. Phillips's paraphrase, reads: "For living to me means simply 'Christ,' and if I die I should merely gain more of him."
What is the sum and substance of all this? The secret of living is the same as the secret of joy: Both revolve around the centrality of Jesus Christ. In other words, the pursuit of happiness is the cultivation of a Christ-centered, Christ-controlled life.
When Christ becomes our central focus, contentment replaces our anxiety as well as our fears and insecurities."
Please check out my friend's blogspot:

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Dressers and Pillows!
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Shabby Dresser and Decor
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Latest at The Spare Room
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