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Showing posts from June 6, 2010

Taproot Theatre....Charly's Aunt....Fabulous!

Started Friday evening out by joining with my friend from Boeing, Laura to go see "Charly's Aunt" clever, perfectly executed and well directed. Talented and quick paced actors. Fabulous!!!! Way to go, Karen Lund!!!! A Seattle must see!

But prior to this we went to "Gorditos"...a healthy Mexican Restaurant just across the street. I had the vegetable taco which was wonderful and only 4.10 and very satisfying!!!!

All in all a fun night.....looking for my next adventure....but in the meantime, back to work and stuff around the house this weekend!

Monday Reflections....

I am thinking that today is yeah, a bit rainy....but I am so thankful for what I have....where I live. The gulf coast continues to be on my heart to pray for as we watch the images on TV of birds stuck in the mire and the devastation to the folks that make their living there.

Regardless of where you stand politically, they need our prayers...our government needs our prayers and even BP needs our prayers.

June 6th Weekend Highlights!

Had such a fun weekend! Left later than we wanted to for our Neah Bay Girls Day Outing, but it turned out way better than expected! Left on the Edmonds Ferry and then went directly to Fort Gamble. We met some charming people at The Tea Room at Port Gamble. The owners invited Annette and I into the room even though it had been closed. She had some company and we all got talking and laughed and laughed. We ended up really enjoying the owner and her best friend very much. Thanks Janice and Marilee!

Then into Port Townsend to a little dump for the short evening before we started our hiking/site seeing journey to Neah Bay. Annette, I am so glad for this suggestion. We left in the am for a trip down to Neah Bay...took the walk down to the most northern part of Washington. It's a 1.5 walk...all downhill to the point, all uphill back. Beautiful looking right out to Tatoosh Island and the Cape Flattery Lighthouse. After the walk we went to Cresent Lake and Hurricane Ridge. We saw…